Business investigations

Any business problem is solved if you have the right information. When you have such information in time, then you are able to make the right decision. Finding such information is our job.

In previous practice it has been proven that the possession and use of such information results in better protection of property and human resources, cost savings, increased productivity, increased earnings, reduced exposure to unnecessary risk and unnecessary costs.

With the right information at the right time, you can achieve each of these goals. The Seguridad Detective Agency offers you the following services:

• Identifying and eliminating all types of risks that have negative consequences for your business activities, business success, reputation in the business world,

• Investigations in the event of a specific vulnerability that may arise as a result of the activities within the company (violation of business and security procedures, disloyalty of employees, damage or theft of property) or as a result of external factors (unfair competition, endangering property, business interests, etc.)

• Research in cases of suspicion of fraud in insurance companies,

• Investigating the forgery of branded brands,

• Investigations into suspected industrial espionage,

• Investigating fake illnesses,

• Investigation of unfair competition,

• patent infringement,

• Checks on human resources,

• checks of business partners,

• checking data and information,

• Reference check

• Property check,

• solvency check,

• check of goods and distribution,

• employee loyalty checks,

• checking the performance of employees in performing their jobs,

• Determination of violations of work obligations or working discipline of employees,

• Finding a debtor,

• monitoring of persons and facilities,

• monitoring of individual activities,

• identification and verification of a business partner

Person check

Before concluding an important contract, you will determine the credibility of business data, documentation, property status of a legal or natural person, or perhaps check the truthfulness of quotes from the CV when hiring new employees. The Seguridad Detective Agency is able to quickly and reliably determine the facts.

Checks include:

• Checking legal entities (assets, operations, ownership structure)

• check of natural persons (employment, real residence address, property)

• Verification of potential employees

Discreet overseeing

If you suspect that your employees, members of the board of directors, business partners or in some other way treat your close associates contrary to contractual obligations, the Seguridad Detective Agency offers you discretionary supervision.

• discreet surveillance of persons

• Discreet vehicle surveillance

• discreet supervision of business and private spaces