Checking business partners and associates

The danger to business is even more pronounced when it comes to business partners and associates. Under unstable market conditions, the inability to collect receivables becomes something that at least once faced each undertaking or firm. Sooner or later, the question must be asked: "Do you know who you are dealing with?"

You have the opportunity to start working with a new business partner that offers great business conditions. So great that you just are not sure if they are real. You probably know this situation: you want to grab a chance, but what if it's not a partner to work with? How do you know more about them and how to confirm or correct your doubts?

When entering into business cooperation, it is important to examine the company's earlier operations, as well as the experience of previous associates:

• Is it a tidy salary?

• Does your business partner have sufficient capacity to fulfill contractual obligations?

• What is the financial situation?

• Is there a history of a problem with the law?

You need to have concrete answers to these questions before engaging in serious co-operation. It is enough to monitor the media and it becomes clear what problems are found by companies that did not perform the examination of the ratings and business of their business partners: construction companies that can not complete the construction of facilities, the company whose property is located before the execution, financial frauds ... These are just some of the cases with whom we meet daily.

Detective agency Seguridad is able to face all the challenges when it comes to security checking by business partners and associates. Please contact us with full confidence and we will help protect your property and business.