Checking candidate for job

How can you know that someone you are considering as a new hire is who they say they are? That they possess the qualifications they claim?
Did you know that hiring the wrong person can make you liable to a negligent hiring suit?

Using a team of experienced, licensed investigators, Detective agency Seguridad Belgrade Pre-Employment Background Check can do the job not only faster, but better. We are able to search databases in Serbia available only to the investigative community to locate information not readily available to the general public.

Our Pre-Employment Background Check will provide you with complete confidence when you bring a new person into your business.

Our Pre-Employment Background checks delve into multiple aspects of an applicant’s past, including full identification information, check biography data - CV, an employment history, Employment verification, Education verification (confirmation of higher education degrees), Criminal and arrest records in the Serbia.

If you wish to order a background check on a job applicant, please contact us via email:, we will answer within a few hours with the offer.