Checking fake sick leave

False sicknesses in Serbia cause millions of losses to employers, the economy and the budget of Serbia, and certain surveys that have been carried out by insurance companies over recent years have shown that over 20% of the sick leave is completely unfounded. The checking of false illnesses is therefore frequently imposed as the only logical step from the employer's point of view.

The reasons for taking sick leave among workers are different. Some do it because of job dissatisfaction, others due to various private obligations - sometimes there were various epidemics, which coincided with raspberries, sowing, tourist season, and so on. Part of the sickness is also part of the long-term plan for achieving permanent disability, for which there are prescribed conditions, and in such intentions, doctors often participate.

The most drastic examples are employees who deal with their private entrepreneurial jobs in black during their sick leave, but they do not want to leave the security of their employment and salaries. Regardless of which of the above reasons, it is an indisputable fact that false illnesses are a major financial problem for the employer, and they also cause disturbed interpersonal relationships within the company and contribute to the creation of a bad working atmosphere.

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