Checking marital infidelity and adultery

Of all the services that the private detective agency Seguridad provides about 25% of cases, it is a marital illusion. Adultery dramatically affects the mutual trust and loyalty of the partner, the sense of honesty, security and intimacy.

There are many indications that something is wrong about the partner's doubt about the existence of a marital unfaithfulness. In addition to increased spending of money, it can be a hiding of a mobile phone, the use of another mobile phone, paying more attention to their own appearance, sudden business meetings and traveling, engaging in sports activities, etc. However, these signals do not necessarily have to be linked to the existence of marital infidelity.

Men more often than women state sexual motives for infidelity and are less likely to fall in love with a spouse. Women are more interested in reimbursing things they do not have in marriage and for replacing a spouse.

In some cases that we had an investigation, it was determined that it was really a matter of overbearing a wife or wife. There is a possibility of hiding another problem, for example, cube, drugs, debt, etc., which also affects the increased spending of money

Whatever it looks like, checking the loyalty of a partner is one of the very complex systems of checking and the Detective Agency Seguridad is extremely professionally dealing with this problem by giving the client a guarantee of client discretion, the person being checked and the results of the investigation.

Signs of possible cheating

The most common signs that can indicate a scam are when your husband / wife:

• Suddenly changes his way of dressing

• Physically, you are getting more and more distant from you

• Emotional distraction, nagging and nervousness

• Total disinterest

• Hides the mobile phone, deletes the list of calls or messages

• Find out unusual names and numbers in the address book of your mobile phone

• More and more frequent absenteeism from home

• Frequently goes to business roads and seminars

• Absence of sexual relations

• Changes in sexual behavior

• Small details that you started to notice, but not characteristic of his / her behavior

• Deletes the history of history and exits the computer when you enter the room


These are just some of the signs that can raise suspicion and point to potential fraud. However, there are no safe, unmistakable signs of fraud.

If you have a reasonable doubt about the reliability of your partner and to help you come up with the full truth, Seguridad's detectives may, for your own purposes, determine all the facts necessary.

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