Checking the property and financial condition of a person

Checking of financial condition of a person

Detective Agency Seguridad reliably and accurately checks the financial condition of individuals and legal entities, whether there are financial problems, lack of funds or an additional cash inflow.

If you have a problem to collect your receivables and a person owed by money claims that there is no where to return your money, we are here to verify whether it tells the truth by checking. If you want to determine the facts about the finances for the persons you are interested in, Seguridad detective agency can help you determine the right financial situation. Checks and data acquired by detectives are considered to be business secrets.

Checking of property

The Seguridad Detective Agency reliably and accurately checks the property of natural and legal persons.

If you have a problem collecting your receivables, and a person who owes money to you that there is no where to get it back, you can be surprised when we verify that it still exists, but it tries to conceal it skillfully.

We can ask and find out whether a person owns assets, vehicles, incomes from extraordinary business, bank accounts, and information about business ownership. We often conduct searches for property for law offices, legal entities, as well as individually, especially in divorce proceedings.

The most common types of search requests for property we receive are requirements related to divorce cases. Often partners and spouses try to hide the real facts, and thus alienate some of the property from the other side, in an effort to avoid a fair settlement.

In order to find out the real state of ownership of immovable and movable property, our detective agency certainly recommends this kind of check.