Collecting data and verifying information

Be always a step ahead of others and find out everything you are interested in. Collecting data and verifying information is one of the main methods of detective investigation. It is an integral part of all activities and services provided by the Seguridad detective agency.

Data collected can refer to legal entities and individuals, to objects, events, and other items that may be of importance to you.

Want to find out more about a particular person, business associate, business history of a potential business partner or need for information about competition, about where your children are traveling, who they are hanging out with, whether the emotional partner really tells you the truth, Some people falsely present themselves to you. On all these questions, the Seguridad detective agency will give you an answer.

Detective agency Seguridad fully guarantees you the accuracy and credibility of the information we provide to our clients.

The Seguridad Detective Agency may provide you with information about:

• Homes and residences of persons in Serbia

• Owners of motor vehicles and vessels

• Insurance Policies

• Data from state archives

• Owners of real estate

• Pension and disability insurance

• Data from court files in cases where the user of the right is entitled to this

If you feel that you need our services and that we can help you feel free to contact us, please contact us at any time.