Criminal law help

Criminal law help

Often it happens that witnesses in the trial do not tell the truth, evidence of a possible criminal offense is deposited and encroached on behalf of the person, who in fact is the perpetrator of the crime, so it is very difficult to prove his guilt.

Judicial processes are largely delayed and it can happen that the perpetrator of a criminal offense can be guilty, although you are aware that he is actually, but you have no evidence.

Basic investigation The Seguridad Detective Agency will help you come up with evidence that is vital to court proceedings.

Obtaining evidence in pre-criminal and criminal proceedings

If you are a victim of fraud, deceit, or someone has misled you. If someone owes you money, he is hiding from you. Perhaps someone threatens you, disturbs you, you do not have worry about it.

We can help you in these situations. We will help you submit an application, a lawsuit, to refer you to the legal aspects of everything that you can do and everything that we, together with our lawyer's team, can do for you.

We provide our clients with top-notch services in criminal matters, filing criminal charges, collecting evidence and posing a case-by-case. We collect material and personal evidence in both criminal and civil proceedings.