Due Diligence 

Due Diligence Investigations are services that private investigators with Discreet Services can provide to obtain detailed information about a business in Serbia.

Due diligence investigations typically means we will conduct searches into a companies financials, the company managers and or board members, online presence, online reputation, complaints, what types of Clients they target and things like this.

These investigations are almost always tailored to the Client’s needs. In most cases, our Client’s are looking for specific things when conducting due diligence investigations.

Many business owners, investors, and lenders seek critical information to help them make knowledgeable business decisions with regard to their future employees, investments, and potential business ventures. The objective is to gather intelligence based on the Client’s needs. This information can limit or eliminate risk.

Though the scope of each investigation varies, each is extremely thorough and conducted with the utmost discretion. To best meet our clients` objectives and budget, we are happy to customize any due diligence investigation using as many or as few services, as desired. Please see a list of services below:

  • Company officers and employees
  • Real-estate holdings
  • Business complaints
  • Business Affiliations
  • Criminal History
  • Business Investments and intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Liens and Judgments
  • Asset Investigation, Personal (corporate officers)
  • Asset Investigation, Business
  • Banking Affiliations
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Reference checks
  • Social Media and News information

If you wish to have a Due Diligence check detailed information about a business in Serbia  –  please contact us via email: office@seguridad.rs