Finding missing and fugitive a person

The cases of missing persons are among the most complicated for both police officers and private investigators. To solve them, often detailed information is needed that can be collected only from the circle of the closest relatives and acquaintances, and this requires the engagement of additional assistance. Because of their experience and expertise they own, private detectives often take part in searches for missing persons.

Search for missing and people in hiding

The cases of missing persons are very diverse and do not necessarily have to be caused by a criminal act. It can be a runaway home, which is the most common case when it comes to juveniles, but it can also work on a serious criminal offense such as abduction. Speed is of utmost importance in order to avoid tragic endings. It is necessary to examine the usual daily habits of the missing person, the place where he goes, as well as people with whom he comes in contact, whether business or private. It is not irrelevant whether a person has had problems with the law or was a pattern of behavior. The help of family and acquaintances can be of crucial importance, but expert assistance from the police and private detective agencies is absolutely necessary in order for such cases to be happily brought to an end.

Whether you have a need to find a person or to find out her is now, whether she is missing or hiding from you because she has obligations to you, she owes you something, caused you damage, or gave you false information about yourself, Detective Agency Seguridad stands at your service.