Industrial espionage and counterespionage

Industrial spying

Industrial spying is used for gathering protected files (mostly business secrets) from another company and given to another company.

The objective during the process of industrial spying is protected information, or information from work space of another company that did have measures to keep

Those information’s hidden. Methods that are often use in industrial spying are for example “Trojan”, betrayal, break in, corruption, stealing, industrial secrets, listening-in of conversations and phone calls or any other communications. 

Most requested files:

  • Development of technology
  • New products and prices
  • Selling income
  • The number of staff, their income and contacts
  • Tenders and inside procurement


One of the methods of gathering information, which are business secret, is using “insiders”, a person who has possession of information’s which are business secret.

That can be manager’s, but other low-ranked staff can also accept to give out business secrets of their company because of low payment. Because of information technology evolving so much past year’s, a lot of assumptions have been made for effective abuse of protective information.

Industrial counter-spying

Companies in Serbia are spying on their competition in a way that they hire one of their staff to work in other companies, and they install a software in their IT servers, that’s how they get classified information.

Of course because of industrial spying evolving, counter spying is evolving as well, so they can tell their companies where the classified information is being leaked and that so they can stop it as fast as possible. 

Because of massive number of clients that are requesting services of industrial counter-spying, we have significantly improved our business so we can give you professional and very high standards of service. For protecting business secret’s we are taking actions of special security measures. For detailed information contact us with full trust in our services.