Internal control and a hidden investigator

One of the most difficult detective-operative jobs is precisely this, the implementation of internal control in companies.

You notice that competition is always a step ahead of you, that they are well informed up to the smallest detail of what is happening in your company, that competition in the market is actually dealing with plagiarism, because the original ideas and projects are literally copied from you and many more ...

Insiders in companies and companies are, as a rule, extremely well paid, and in the case of disclosure, they were promised legal assistance and a post in another company.

Timely detection of insiders in your company and prevention of information leakage can prevent irreparable damage to you. Industrial espionage for every big and serious company today is an indispensable method of work on the road to success.

Covert investigator

The covert investigator belongs to special evidence that is not evidence, because the evidence is not produced, but the actions that are being obtained or provide certain evidence, primarily those belonging to the so-called. material evidence.

Our detectives with previous years of service in the security organs are able, in addition to classical property theft (money, small inventory, fuel, construction materials, raw materials and products, etc.), conducted a discreet investigation and if frauds are committed by business partners , receiving bribes, unauthorized contact with the competition, giving business secrets, discovering perpetrators and providing you with valid evidence.

Problems of information, theft, use of drugs and alcohol, disregard of internal behavioral rules, immoral behavior and other possible deviations can seriously impair business processes in your company. Our presence in your company will reveal the above mentioned problems, possible weaknesses of the internal organization in the security segment, and propose measures for their elimination.