Investigations for insurance companies

Insurance frauds are a growing global phenomenon, and it is estimated that the amount of fraud in the Republic of Serbia annually amounts to more than millions of dinars.

There are more types of insurance scams, but the vast majority are associated with physical injuries, primarily in car accidents or injuries at work, as well as with some material damage. Sometimes it's just about exaggerating existing injuries or damages, and sometimes the claimant is at the same time causing it. Some of the most common cases are old injuries that are "sold" as currently suffered, injuries received at leisure are reported as injuries at work, the destruction of one's own property (usually real estate), false theft of works of art or similar valuables.

Insurance frauds

The most common insurance frauds in our country relate to vehicle insurance (auto liability and casco). Misrepresentation that the vehicle was damaged in a traffic accident that did not occur at all, deliberately causing an accident to collect damages, reporting the theft of previously sold vehicles, moving parts from other damaged vehicles, frequent attempts to collect damages for deceased persons, attempts to charge earlier damaged parts of a vehicle, or an increase in real damages, are just some of the ways that individuals or organized groups, in an unlawful manner, come to money or material gain.

Fraud in other forms of insurance are also significant, and for example, we refer to cases of firefighting, usually in business premises, as a rule, when a client took a loan that he can not return, etc.

Lately, a very pronounced form of insurance fraud is related to body injuries and fears as a result of traffic accidents. Insurance companies are often faced with false medical records.

Sometimes, in cases of insurance fraud, more perpetrators appear. The payer does not always work alone, but he often has helpers, sometimes even "inside". The procedure for seeking redress requires a number of different signatures, which increases the risk of unlawful action. The claimant's assistant can be anybody, from a false witness, or even an employee of a company, sometimes the same one who sold the insurance. Such cases require the special expertise of a private detective and knowledge of certain procedures.

The ratio of the invested and received is not measurable, and the results themselves show that it is possible to significantly contribute to reducing the number of fraud and consequently significantly reduce the financial losses.

This is precisely why private detective agencies that employ former police and other security officials are the most common choice for investigating insurance fraud and dealing with such cases. The demands of insurance companies for detective services are increasing every day.

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