Polygraph and polygraphic testing

Lies, scams, false accusations are problems that, unfortunately, we face on a daily basis. The Seguridad Detective Agency helps you find out the truth and gives you the feeling of comfort and security that everyone needs.

The experience in our Detective Agency has shown that the most common requirements for the use of polygraph testing were related to cases of checking candidates for employment in responsible and sensitive places when it comes to suspicions that a person is involved in internal theft or fraud if there is a suspicion that employees are engaged in illegal activities that can harm the company in which they work, in civil disputes as well as different business problems.

Also, there is a growing application of polygraph testing in family problems, whether pre-trial checks, suspicions of marital fidelity, or if there are suspicions of juvenile delinquency, such as, for example, confusion in criminal activities, abuse of narcotics, alcohol and so on.

For the successful polygraphic testing, which is 97% true, the expertise and experience of the examiners / polygraphists is of paramount importance.

Poligraphic testing services in our Agency are entrusted to the most skilled examiner Slobodan Zečević who has more than thirty-five years of experience and practice in the Criminal Police Directorate of the MUP Police in Belgrade, where he worked on solving the most complex criminal cases, and the number of respondents, which exceeds thousands of people, experts not only in Serbia but also in Eastern Europe.

Why you should use your polygraph testing?

• Our polygraphic examiner is professionally trained, certified by the MUP and with experience of thirty-five years of work on a polygraph at the MUP Belgrade

• In its work, the Seguridad Detective Agency uses the 4000LX polygraph model of the world leader in this field, verified for official use worldwide.

• Our Detective Agency is an official member of the Association of Polygraphists of Belgrade.

• We have special offers for specific types of testing, as well as a discount on a larger number of tests, and a special offer applies to companies.

• We guarantee discretion and confidentiality.

More about polygraph, polygraphic testing and testing, prices of polygraph services, and much more you can find on our website which is dedicated solely to polygraphand polygraph testing www.poligrafbeograd.co.rs or clicking on the picture below.