Protection from eavesdropping and spying

You're worried if someone is listening to your cellphone, does anyone listen to whatever you say in the workplace, at home, at the hotel, in the car, do you consider that your privacy is jeopardized? With the help of the expert team of the Seguridad Detective Agency, we will discover all spyware if it is in your environment.

Listening is one of the oldest and most interesting areas that people have been dealing with. By the end of the last century, eavesdropping devices were based on radio links. Listeners work on special frequencies.

Detectors for detecting all the listening devices we use detect all kinds of back-ups that operate at frequencies from 0 Hz to 6 Ghz (spatial, telephone, and software-based eavesdropping of mobile phones or if someone listens to you in various ways using the latest devices and wireless microcameras)

Anti-spy check of your work space, flat and car

Risks of potential attack by wiretapping are huge, not only for businesses, but also for individuals. Every year companies lose millions of euros for industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property, all due to the lack of security programs and the neglect of anti-intelligence protection.

Your business arrangements and plans are vital to your success. If this information is compromised, you may suffer significant financial loss, it is also important to consider that such a security failure could impair the reputation of your company in the eyes of existing and potential clients, associates and the public.

If you suspect that your office space is "sounded" by the detective agency Seguridad, you are offered a discreet anti-hearing review of your space. We make an overview and reliably eliminate all your doubts. Price depends on the size, location of the object and the circumstances. The facility or telephone must be in your possession.

When performing an anti-sniffer review, we use the latest counter-launch devices, ie to detect passive and active "bugs" and the RF spectrum scanner.