Security consulting and counseling

Detective agency Seguridad Belgrade is offering services of security consulting and the decision you are going to make can consolidate your security and position in future according to our past experience.

By organizing advanced security concepts and implementing adequate business measures in the field of corporate security, potential risks are reduced and successful protection systems are implemented.

The number of examples from business world of the fact that the question in fact is not whether something bad is going to happened, it’s the consequences and the time of it happening. Detective agency Seguridad is offering you professional services of security consulting in Serbia that can potentially remove your current threats that can cause major consequences. 

  • Implementation of special measures of technical protection; anti-spy inspections of objects, cars, mobile forensics and computer forensics.
  • Protection from illegal gathering files (industrial spying)
  • Background check/ Deep analysis; gathering and analyzing business information of competition, checking of potential business partners, checking of responsible people, owners, owner structure, work check, documents, activity and work success.
  • Analyzing of potential threats and sensitivity of a company
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Implementing of security measures
  • Security and training course of management and staff