Supervision of persons and monitoring 

Big part of our business is just about control. The experience and technology we use enable us to deliver excellent results to the satisfaction of all our clients.

Discrete controls are applied to all entities in accordance with the agency's assessment, with the consent of the client. It deals with marital partners, children, hiding persons, persons who have caused you damage, etc., as well as the place, object or area that is or may be the subject of an investigation. Surveillance is the only way to make sure 100% of the certainty of certain doubts you have and get evidence of the movement of that person, the place of residence, the way of life, etc.

There are several elements that need to be fulfilled in order for discrete monitoring to be successful. Most importantly, it is the use of experienced and trained operatives with the necessary skills to overcome various problems that may arise during the performance of the mentioned activity.

The Seguridad Detective Agency has qualified staff with many years of experience in discreet escorts, surveillance and surveillance. Our task is to be invisible and gather as much evidence and information as we can present to the client at the end of supervision in the form of a detailed report.

The Seguridad detective agency provides you with real-time monitoring and tracking services for people and vehicles, and this is one of the most reliable ways to get information about the person being subject to supervision and to get evidence of the person's movement, place of residence, lifestyle,

If you think that we can help you by collecting information that we can get by discreet tracking and monitoring, we are at your disposal.